How to speed up your computer with Chrome Extensions

Here’s a couple of┬átips relating to extensions that you are using with Chrome – You’ll probably find your computer will run much better taking the below advice.

Maybe not the most accurate title, but read on and I’ll give you some pointers and share some ideas based on what I’ve read on the internet and what I actually do on my own computer.

If you’re like me, you will have a heap of extensions and have no less than 10 tabs open at a time. All these little things add to processing power and slow your computer up. But I have tinkered and got some good results from the following:\

You need an Ad blocking extension of some sort. Adblocker is great, but Ublock is much better. It uses less resources and memory. For the advanced user Ublock Origin is the one to use.

A small icon is installed on your toolbar (see highlighted in yellow below – forget the other icons). In its simplest form of usage, click on that and then you’ll see a larger blue icon (see pic below). Click on that to turn off blocking (ie it’s on by default).


How many tabs do you have open now? I have 23. The Great Suspender suspends unused tabs to free up system resources. You configure how long before tabs start getting suspended, so it’s good to tailor for your own habits.

One other thing – it may seem obvious and stupid, but delete the extensions you don’t use. Often i see people add extensions all the time but don’t actually use them or even know what they do!! Unless you have a fast computer and a lot of RAM, it would be better to get rid of them.

Did you try any of the above? Did it make a difference? Leave a message below.

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