Windows 10 Wifi Sharing

There has been some misconceptions of the privacy and security surrounding Wi-Fi network sharing in windows 10 – a great feature to this new operating system.

Microsoft has named it Wi-Fi Sense, and this is how it works. Windows 10 does not share your Wi-Fi password per se, but it shares in encrypted version of that password. And by default it allows anyone in your Skype or Outlook or Hotmail contact lists (and even Facebook) to connect to your Wi-Fi network (assuming they are within range).

Now he is the bit that everyone is up in arms about. Yes the option to allow sharing is enabled by default, but there is another selection that says, “for networks I select…”.


So yes you have to do is take that extra step to make a Wi-Fi network available for sharing with your contacts. The option to connect to my network is off by default – I have to make a conscious decision to enable sharing for my selected network or networks.

Also what may not have been mentioned is that Wi-Fi sense only shares Internet access not access to local resources such as files etc.

Wi-Fi Sense is not new to Microsoft. It is a tried and true product, having been used in Windows Phone for some time so they have had a while to test and develop it.

Have you tried windows 10 yet? And have you tried Wi-Fi since? How do you find it? Leave a comment below

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