Cannot Change Logon Screen rtlgina2.dll

With Windows XP, you have the abililty to change your welcome screen (which is much more pleasant on the eye)

Win XP Pro welcome

to a logon screen (similar to what you would see at your workplace:

win xp login

They both work the same, the change is pretty much cosmetic only for most users.

How do you change it? Well, from within control panel>user accounts there is a link labelled ‘change the way users log on or off’. From there you would change that to your desired preference. All of 15 seconds work – normally.

I came across an interesting situation the other day where I could not change it. I received an error say that the rtlgina.dll file was missing. Yeah that helps me ….. /sarcasm.

I bit of searching around and found the problem to be related to the software I installed for my Netgear WG111 USB wireless adaptor. The welcome screen and fast user switching had been disabled and I could not enable it without getting a message about deleting this rtlgina.dll file.

Anyway, how do I fix it? Bit more searching found that Doug Knox, a MS Most Valuable Professional (MVP), wrote a program to reset the registry to use the standard windows gina DLL file and return the use of the welcome screen in Windows XP.

The registry fix can be found here

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    • Erwin
    • February 14, 2014

    Does anyone has the download file? Link is broken… Help please…

    • indi
    • February 16, 2014

    Hi Erwin,
    Thanks for letting me know the link is broken. Will try and look for an alternate.

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