Garmin GPS create your own custom voices

Garmin have released software called ‘Garmin Voice’ which allows you to program your own voice commands into your GPS. What better than using the preprogrammed voices than using your own. Thumbs up to Garmin for this initiative!

Garmin say the process should onlytake about 30 mins to programme all the phrases into you PC and upload them to your GPS.

The software is for Windows only and the list of compatible devices are as follows:

aera™ series
GPSMAP® 620 & 640
nüvi® 200-series
nüvi 205-series
nüvi 500-series
nüvi 700-series
nüvi 705-series
nüvi 800-series
nüvi 1200-series
nüvi 1300-series
nüvi 1400-series
nüvi 1600-series
nüvi 5000
z?mo® 660

Check it out and get it from here.

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