Enable SNMP on Netgear DG834G

If you have a DG834G ADSL router and wish to monitor it, there isn’t any options in the GUI interface to manage it via SNMP. Yes, you can configure it to respond to ICMP (PING) but what if you want more?

After a bit of searching around, I found instructions to do it (as shown below):

1) Access your router on
2) Enable SNMP and make your community name ‘public’. Click Apply.
3) Type in the address bar: (it will say “Debug enabled”).
4) Click Start, Run, type in ‘cmd’ to get a command prompt.
5) Type ‘telnet’ (You will see a BusyBox shell prompt).
6) type ‘iptables -D INPUT 1’ at the # prompt (this disables SNMP blocking).

That’s it, your router will now respond to SNMP requests on port 161.

Of course if your router has a different IP address simply replace in all the steps above with whatever your router’s IP is.

Note: that if you make any changes to your firewall rules, if your router reboots or if it reconnects for any reason then the DG834 will reset the IP tables and you will need to run that command in the telnet window again. That’s all you will need to do though, the SNMP setting remains and the debug mode stays active until you physically reboot the router.

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    • Keith
    • April 13, 2011

    Do you have any info on enabling snmp for a DGN-1000? All reviews say the router supports snmp but it’s disabled per default as stated in the pdf manual, but NO instruction how to enable it. And as per usual with these companies, I am getting no where with them.

    Any help appreciated!


    • indi
    • April 22, 2011

    I haven’t used a DGN-1000 Keith, so I don’t know sorry. As you said, the manual says that it does it …..

    • Leo
    • January 19, 2012

    Inside you can use the CLI and issue commands you want.

    I’m looking for a way of edit file inside.
    cat file name show print the file on screen.

    But can’t find away of download the file edit and upload.

    vi don’t work.

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