Managing Multiple Email accounts

I have multiple email accounts, and managing them can be a real pain. I have one for friends, one for EBAY, one for stuff I sign up to and so on. Oh, and a few for my domains too.

Yes I can set them all up in Outlook and select which ones I want to retrieve from, but I would like to keep them separate. And some of the accounts are 90% spam. I’d like to get to them before they get on my computer.

First of all, I wanted just something that would notify me of new mail. Couldn’t find a plugin for firefox that would do that. Then I thought of Samurize . Nice utility, and you can configure it to do many other things (display TV guide, weather, system info). But I think it is a bit resource hungry (my personal opinion).

Then I found Magic Mail Monitor . And indeed it is. A nice little open source (read: free) program that allows you to configure multiple POP accounts, and it will pop up (only if you like) whenever a new email is received (along with the header). You can (from MMM) delete the email and it will be removed from your email server. Also, there is a quick reply function as well as a option to colour emails from known email address (ie friends). A few other handy options as well but I’ll let you find them 🙂

Overall it has saved me a lot of time logging into all my separate accounts and filtering out all my spam.

What do you think of it?

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