Explanations in plain english – youtube videos

I wanted to find some info on Twitter – how it worked etc in a easy to read format. What I stumbled on was a set of youtube videos that are titled ‘explanations in plain english’. I must say they are quite well presented and very informative. The neat little effect used to deliver these […]

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Xobni Outlook Plugin for email organization

Do you have a lot of email clogging up your inbox and have trouble organizing it all? I’ve found this great (and best part free) plugin for Outlook that does it all for you. It’s called Xobni, and works with Outlook 2003/2007 on XP and Vista Operating Systems. One of the many features it has […]

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The A Team meets Lost

This is hilarious (and well done): I grew up with the A Team and love LOST, so this just makes my day!

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