Little Known Cisco Troubleshooting Command

There are a lot of commands in the Cisco IOS that you can use for troubleshooting. It depends on what the symptoms are and what networking technology you are using (eg ATM, ethernet, frame relay). The more common of course are your sh ip int brie, sh run, sh ver, sh controllers etc but there […]

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Type wrong command, disable dns lookup on Cisco router

How many times have you typed in the wrong command on a Cisco router, and then have to wait while the DNS lookup times out because the route is trying to resolve that ‘domain’? Yeah me too. Easy to fix … Simply enter global configuration mode and type router(config)# no ip domain-lookup And the result […]

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Safety tip to configure Cisco router remotely

Routers at a remote location can be safely configured by using a reload command first. Huh? Read on….. Before any configuration changes are made, issue a reload command to the remote router: reload in 30 Instructs the router to reboot in 30 minutes. or reload at 00:00 to reload at a specific time. The idea […]

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