Battery Drop Test

Doing the rounds on the internet – and a really cool thing too, is the Battery Drop Test. How to see if your batteries are good or not by performing this real simple test

Yes, you can test your battery with a dedicated battery tester or a multimeter, but what I will will show you down below is how to do it without any additional equipment.

The theory was that a simple test to determine a flat battery from a good one was the dead battery bounce — drop them on the floor, and the flat ones bounce. Dead ones don’t.

Many people claimed that there was no scientific basis for the theory (or rumour), but the matter has now been settled with the results of a study from researchers at Princeton University published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry.


From the study:

They found out it had to do with the way the batteries produce power. Electricity is generated by a chemical reaction inside the batteries as zinc changes to zinc oxide. Initially, a layer of zinc surrounds a brass core in the battery like a donut around a hole. As the battery discharges, the zinc donut gradually changes to zinc oxide.

“The zinc oxide begins to form on the outside and it pushes its way to the core,” Steingart said. “As you get more and more zinc oxide, and the zinc oxide begins to appear everywhere in the zinc layer, the battery gets bouncier and bouncier.”

If that is a bit confusing to digest, check out the video below and it will all make sense:

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Leave a message below if you tried the Battery Drop Test immediately after reading this post 🙂  


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