Play DIVX on Asus A636N

I’ve found a good DIVX player for my A636N – It does what Windows media won’t and is better than the open source pocket DIVX player.

Windows Mobile is a good OS for PDAs, but it won’t do everything that your regular version of Windows on your desktop/laptop computer does.

Doing a Google search, the one that popped up most often was the open source DIVX player. While I applaud open source and fully support it, but this particular piece of software does have its problems. I read quite a few reviews, and most comments from people said that it often crashed, and was a pain (if not impossible) to uninstall. Also, this was not confined to one type of PDA/mobile running Windows Mobile.

And then I stumbled on TCPMP. It’s a simple media player. But it has everything that you find in a good player: full screen, contrast and luminosity control, image rotation, fast forward.

I haven’t tried it on anything other than my A636N PDA, but it works flawlessly on the Asus whereas nothing else I had tried before would.

The download link on that page does not work, but I did download it from here. You can find both the CAB and the activesync files there, and if you so desire, the source code.

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