iOS6 – a quick, no fluff rundown

There’s heaps of great indepth reviews of Apple’s new iOS6 out there on the internet, but if you want a quick at-a-glance read of what it’s all about, read on.

First of all, give yourself 1-2 hours to download and install it. Enjoy the time that the device is offline and usable 🙂

When it is finished, you’ll get asked to put your Apple ID password and then a couple more prompts and you’re ready to go.

What is new?
Well, if you have a new generation iPad, you now have Siri to play with
iPhones and iPad now have an app call ‘Passbook’, Apple’s app for managing loyalty cards, voucher and tickets
The phone interface is different
The iTunes interface is different. Personally i don’t like it, but it’s starting to grow on me and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Everyone hates change don’t they? 🙂

I don’t recall too much else that is new, but The iOS (in typical Apple style) is stable – the thing hasn’t crashed.

What is gone?
The youtube app is gone. Bummer.
Google maps is gone, and replaced with Apple’s version of mapping. This is the single thing that has caused the most discussion on the internet over the last few days. It does not appear to be as sophisticated as Google Maps and does have a few errors. For some examples (and some laughs) of some mapping annomolies , check out this web site.

Overall, I think the average user would not notice too many differences other than the loss of Google Maps.

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