Why Non-broadcast Wireless Networks are not a Security Feature

By turning off broadcast mode on your Wireless Access Point (AP), do you assume that it is more secure and less prone to hack? Well you would think so, but have a read of this article. I have copied/pasted it word-for-word because it is a very thorough and well written article. At the bottom of […]

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Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card

What’s that I hear you say? A memory card that has wireless built in? Sure does. The Eye-Fi memory card adds wireless support to digital cameras that don’t already have it. Perfect to get rid of those pesky cable that clutter up desks. It supports automatic wireless uploading to your computer as well as social/blogging […]

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Asus Mypal 636N review

Thought I’d do my own review on Asus mypal A636N PDA/GPS as I have one and couldn’t live without it. The unit is a great PDA, and with a GPS built in, makes this unit a great valued price product. The ASUS 636N is a PDA and GPS in one. There are other similar products […]

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