WPA hack revealed

Everyone knows that Wi-Fi WEP can be easily hacked, but recently an expolit for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) standard has come to light. The exploit allows a hacker to “send bogus data to an unsuspecting WiFi client,” completely compromising your Wi-Fi security. Fortunately there is an easy fix. Jump into your mode/router and switch off […]

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WIFI-scanner for Asus A636N

Having my Asus A636N PDA with wireless built in was a good idea I thought to check the strength of the wireless signal around the house rather than carrying a bulky laptop. Finding a wifi-scanner that worked on the ASUS A636N took a bit of searching, trial and error. Two that I tried working with […]

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Extend your Wifi range

A very cheap way to extend your Wifi range! My wireless access point sits down one end of the house, and getting a decent signal is very difficult in all areas of the house. I’ve tried a few different antennas with little or no difference – a complete waste of money. My solution was to […]

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