open source

Open Source Cisco router?

I have spent the last 10-15 years working in a predominantly Cisco environment. I think their products are great, but are not cheap. I think it comes down to the old line ‘you get what you pay for’, and Cisco certainly delivers. That’s at work….. At home I look at alternatives. So when I was […]

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Open Source Alternative to VMWare

Having used VMWare to build virtual OS systems on one PC (mainly for testing applications), I wondered if there was a open source (and free) equivalent. I found VirtualBox. It looks to do exactly the same thing as VMWare, and can be installed on a variety of platforms. VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh and […]

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Linux software equivalents

Just made the switch to Linux from Windows (or even OS X?) and are having trouble finding software similar/equivalent to what you are used to? Yes, the linux learning curve is steep but rewarding when you do start working it all out. Here is a good website that lists the Windows/OS X software and the […]

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