Keep your Firefox extensions after Windows install

Here’s a easy way to keep your firefox extensions backed up. You know all those cool ones you’ve found or discovered by accident and you’d probably have trouble getting them all again after you reinstall Windows? It’s called FEBE.

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Backups – one important consideraton

You always hear people say ‘make sure you backup your data’. And I assure you, it is a wise piece of advice. Unfortunately you won’t know how valuable it is until you lose your data and don’t have a backup to restore from. I have been lucky as I have not lost data, but always […]

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Backup your PHPBB SQL database

I need to regularly backup my database on a forum that my wife runs. Why? Because if I lose the data, my wife will not understand why something like that can happen, and will have my balls for breakfast. Note, this will not backup the actual software, only the SQL database. You can use a […]

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