WIFI-scanner for Asus A636N

Having my Asus A636N PDA with wireless built in was a good idea I thought to check the strength of the wireless signal around the house rather than carrying a bulky laptop. Finding a wifi-scanner that worked on the ASUS A636N took a bit of searching, trial and error. Two that I tried working with […]

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Play DIVX on Asus A636N

I’ve found a good DIVX player for my A636N – It does what Windows media won’t and is better than the open source pocket DIVX player. Windows Mobile is a good OS for PDAs, but it won’t do everything that your regular version of Windows on your desktop/laptop computer does. Doing a Google search, the […]

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Asus Mypal 636N review

Thought I’d do my own review on Asus mypal A636N PDA/GPS as I have one and couldn’t live without it. The unit is a great PDA, and with a GPS built in, makes this unit a great valued price product. The ASUS 636N is a PDA and GPS in one. There are other similar products […]

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