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This site originally started on my personal domain, running Mambo.

In 2006, I registered this domain and moved my personal site over.

After many months of tweaking Mambo, and getting frustrated with little bugs that I could just not work out,

I decided to dump it and start a new site with WordPress.

I love WordPress and all the plugins available,¬†and managed to move all of decent posts over from Mambo to WordPress. I’m sure there was tools to automate that (even in 2007), but I ended up doing it all manually.

Enjoy the site!


    • Andy Bowman
    • February 10, 2019


    I just got done reading your 2012 page about connecting an Atari 2600 to monitor. Seven years later how much has changed? Is it easier?



    • Leigh
    • February 23, 2019

    Not really, but I will update that post with probably the best and cheapest way to do it.

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