Care when using garchiver

Gmail’s g-archiver seems a great utility for backing up Gmail messages to your computer.

But there appears to be a security flaw.

From this website I read:

The backstory:

G-Archiver (notice I’m not linking to it), is a tool that someone wrote to be able to download all your Google Email and archive it locally. Problem is that the coder that wrote the program, decided he’d be slick and put his own username and password in the code.


Yeah, but it wasn’t a ‘coding mistake’. He coded it in there, so when someone used this tool, it uploaded YOUR username and password to HIS email account. (Nice huh?)


Anyway, looks like the good people of Google have removed g-archiver, and are recommending you remove it from your computer. Their official explanantion:

What happened was that a member of our development team had inserted coding used for testing G-Archiver in the debug version and forgot to delete it in the final release version.

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