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Everyone has problems with new new smartphones. It doesn’t matter what make or model you have  – each of us has it set up differently and there are bound to be issues.

Do you have an iPhone 6 problem? Well you’ve come to the right place where I can possibly help you fix it as we go through some of the more common ones.

Soft/Low Volume – quite a common problem with new phones, but easily rectified in the majority of cases as mentioned in this post from back in 2011. Did you leave the factory screen protector on the phone when you unpacked it?

If that is all OK, check that you are connected to something like a handsfree device via bluetooth. Lastly, before a rest of the phone try turning the speakerphone function on/off to see if that makes any difference.

iPhone 6 won’t charge – as with any electrical or powered device, check that the powerpoint is actually working by plugging something else into it. Also try a different lightning cable but check yours to see that none of the contacts are actually corroded. Yes I know it’s a new phone but it only takes a second to check.

Red screen – a weird one but I have  read about this iPhone 6 problem on a few forums.  Try resetting the iPhone 6 by holding down the ‘sleep/wake’ button and the ‘home’ button for 10 seconds. The Apple logo will appear when your iPhone starts to boot.

It could be a software issue also, and being a new phone I would be taking it back to Apple to sort out. I would be interested to hear (via the comments section below) if any of our readers have experienced the red screen.

Bent iPhone 6 Plus – I’m sure everybody has seen pictures on Facebook and Twitter of bent Iphones. The only advice here is to take it back to Apple to inspect and decide whether it can be replaced.

No SIM card /SIM error – This could be as simple as a dirty SIM card that isn’t making correct contact. First of all, remove it from your iPhone and reinsert it?

If it still comes up with an error, remove it again and lightly rub the contacts with a pencil eraser.


I hope the above has helped you. Is there a iPhone 6 problem that you have which I haven’t listed? Leave a message below and I’ll endeavour to find a solution for you.


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