WIFI-scanner for Asus A636N

Having my Asus A636N PDA with wireless built in was a good idea I thought to check the strength of the wireless signal around the house rather than carrying a bulky laptop.

Finding a wifi-scanner that worked on the ASUS A636N took a bit of searching, trial and error. Two that I tried working with Pocket PC 2003, not Windows Mobile 5.0 which the Asus comes with.

MiniStumbler (a cut down version of the brilliant netstumbler program) didn’t work. Neither did WiFiGraph. I didn’t get to try Retina but it looks like a good program.

Also, RW Wifi Scanner supposedly works as well, but I did not try this (Note: this app costs $3.99 whereas all the others are freeware).

I tried WiFiFoFum. It has a nice interface – either a list view or radar view which is prefect for war driving (if you are into that sort of thing). It also has the ability to use the GPS and export the co-ordinates to such formats as TomTom POI, netstumbler so they can then be used in those programs.

The download comes with Compact Framework 2.0 SP2, both which are installed via Active Sync. So if you need to uninstall them for any reason, it can be done easily.

To get this to work with my ASUS A636N, I got into the options menu (once started up), and turned the device off/on. worked without any hassles, and the only other option I would turn on is the aggressive scanning feature so you get real time signal strength updates.

At the time of writing I had not tried the GPS (or export) option.

Overall, a handy little utility to have installed on your PDA to scan wireless networks. It certainly helped me find where the blackspots were in my house.

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