iPhone water damage

Water damage to iPhones (and any electronics for that matter) can be fatal, but there is a possibility of reviving life into the device. Let me show you how.

I had a bit of an accident a few weeks ago. I was cleaning the  screen of my GPS unit and it fell into the sink – which was full of hot soapy water. I immediately pulled it out and noticed it would not turn on – no great surprise as I was not expecting it to be working.

Before I threw it out in disgust, I remembered something I read while back regarding a trick with a water damaged iPhone and rice.

Wait! What? Yep, this isn’t a cooking site all of a sudden. Be patient and keep on reading ….

After shaking as much of the excess water off the GPS, I then placed it in a plastic container and covered it completely in rice (see pic below).

The theory being that the rice will absorb all of the moisture, thus possibly giving the GPS unit a second chance at life.


Jump forward three days.

I decided to see if the GPS would power on and continue to work as normal. Well low and behold it did!

I must say I was quite amazed and surprised that it did actually work. And to this day it has not missed a beat. See below!


The same practice can be applied ijf you have a damaged smartphone (such as an iPhone), iPad or tablet, or as I’ve showed you above any pieces of equipment.

Here are the steps to ensure the best possible chance to revive your water damaged device.

  • Don’t try to switch it back on. You could short circuit the device which could permanently damaged it.
  • Shake off/wipe off as much excess water as you can.
  • If you can disassemble the device easily (or at least remove a cover or case), do it. It will give you a better chance
  • Place the device (or pieces) in a container or zip lock bag, and cover it completely with rice
  • Leave it for at least 3 days. I know’s it tempting to check after one day, but the longer the better!
  • Lastly, leave a comment below to let us know how you went. Did the rice trick work? IS your water damaged iPhone or electronic device working again?




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