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Not all iPhones are created equal! Obviously the latest model is the best, but also they all do not take the same size SIM card.I needed a quick reference to check for myself so I’d thought I would share it with you all.

Micro, Nano …. I’m confused which one is actually bigger. One important step of upgrading your phone is knowing the iphone SIM card size. You don’t want to get stuck with a new phone and a SIM that doesn’t fit in. How frustrating would that be?

Mind you, not everyone upgrades to new phones. Bargains can be found for older models, and so you may want to know the iPhone 3 sim card size, and if it was the same size as your current phone. Did you know the 3GS SIm card size is the same as the 3? And with all the hype of the size of the iPhone 6 plus, what size SIM actually goes in it?

Of course there are YouTube videos that show you how to cut your SIM card to fit your device (if you needed to reduce the size), but you need to be careful as you only get one go at it. Cut it wrong and it won’t work in anything.

Check out the table below. It’s a nice, easy to refer to table that tells you the sim card size for all currently released iPhones. Hopefully that will help you identify what size SIM you have (or may need).


Model nano-SIM card micro-SIM card SIM card
iPhone 6+ Yes
iPhone 6 Yes
iPhone 5s Yes
iPhone 5c Yes
iPhone 5 Yes
iPhone 4s Yes
iPhone 4 Yes
iPhone 3GS Yes
iPhone 3 Yes
iPhone Yes











Easier when it’s all in a table isn’t it? Now you know what sim card size you have (or need).



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