How to save windows error messages

Ever received an error message on your screen, and been too lazy to write down all the codes and numbers because there are so many? Well, you don’t have to. There is an easy way to save to without lifting a pen.

Taken this message for example that popped up on my PC:

windows error

Granted it’s only a short message, but I’m using this as an example.

Now, rather than writing down the message, all I have to do is copy it to the clipboard with the conventional CTRL-C sequence, and then paste into notepad or something similar.

The output I would get (in this example) is:

PuTTY Fatal Error
Network error: Software caused connection abort

How’s that for easy? I never knew about this ‘feature’ in Windows until a few days ago, and from what I read, it has been around since Windows 2000.

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