How to Google More Effectively

Everyone knows how to use Google (or any other search engine for that matter) – but let me show you some ways to use it more effectively, and get the results you are after.

Often when using search engines, you will find what you want straight away on the first page of search results.

But depending on what you are after it can take a bit longer to find exactly what you are want.

It comes down to being a bit more smarter by defining some simple parameters in your search. I’ve listed the popular below and given some examples. Have a play around and see the differences that you get as opposed to a ‘normal’ search. You will be surprised by the results.

Keep the following as a handy reference:

[addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_blueglow”]” ” Quotation Marks

Use Quotes to search for an exact word or set of words eg searching for lyrics[/addsomebling_box]

“you’re addicted to love”

[addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_blueglow”]- Dashes

Put a dash before a word to exclude that word in your search[/addsomebling_box]

galaxy -automobile

[addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_blueglow”]~ Tilde

Use this before a term to include synonyms with results[/addsomebling_box]

Easter ~eggs

[addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_blueglow”]site:query

Use this to search within a site for your query[/addsomebling_box]

[addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_blueglow”]link:query

Use this to search for sites that link to the specified site[/addsomebling_box]

[addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_blueglow”]. . Two Periods

Use this to search a range between the two defined terms[/addsomebling_box]

scifi 1980..1985

[addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_blueglow”]related:query

Use this to find sites relating to the specified site[/addsomebling_box]

Is there any others that you are aware of that work better for you? Please share them below …..

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