QR/Square barcode?

What are these square barcodes you see on some websites, emails or even in print?

Well, using technology and a decent mobile phone with a camera (read: just about every phone these days!), activate the camera and take a photo of the ‘barcode’. Get your software to read it and tell you what it contains – whether it be a URL that your phone browser will take you to, a SMS or even a phone number.

The QR (Quick Response) code makes it easy to get this information without having the need for a pen or having to manually input the information into your phone.

Can you make you own? Yeah sure. Many websites are out there (just search for QR generator or similar). I used this one, and generated the code for this site:

QR code

Grab a reader for your type of phone (iPhone users can search on ‘QR app’ in iStore for example) and try it out with the image above.

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