Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size” Error when upgrading WordPress

Ever received such an error whilst performing a upgrade (from within WordPress)? It may not be as uncommon as you think.

WordPress is a brilliant piece of software, and where it comes to light is from all the plugins it uses. Downside? Well, it does consume system resources on your server and an upgrade does require a bit for it to occur.

Fix to get through the upgrade without any issues? There are two:

1) – Change the memory limit in the wp-settings.php file from 32M to 64M. Use any old text editor to change the value (it’s located on line #13). This didn’t work for me as I think I needed to alaso adjust the php.ini file which I don’t have access to on my server where this site is hosted.

2) – Disable ALL your plugins before attempting the upgrade. I current use 11 (and have another 8 which aren’t being used so I took not which ones were currently active before performing a mass disable). This worked for me without a hitch.

Disclaimer: As always, take a backup of any files you are going to change before any editing is done just in case ……
I take no responsibilitly for any ill effects or problems which may occur using the instructions provided above.

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