DNS-323 Stuck on 94% error

Had to setup a DLINK DNS-323 as a backup unit for a customer a short time ago. This was my first time with the Dlink as I had previously used a Linksys NAS200 but found them to be a bit slow and very little ventilation/air flow for the drives.

I had two 1Tb drives which I wanted to format RAID1. I followed the quick start guide and started the format via the web GUI. After a while I came back to check on the progress but noticed it was only up to 94%… and wasn’t moving.

Time to check Google as I was running out of time. When I found quite a few matches for my search I thought did I get a lemon?

Anyway, after quite a bit of reading and subsequent testing, I found a solution to my problem which may/may not work for you experiencing the same issue as my fix did not work for everyone (judging by some of the forums posts I was reading).

* Check firmware version. V1.04 is the way to go as V1.05 appears to be buggy. My unit had V1.04 so I didn’t have to worry about a fw downgrade.
* Format your drives as a normal format (ie no RAID)
* Format your drives again as RAID0 or RAID1 as desired.

Worked for me without a hitch and the DNS-323 has been performing flawlessly since.

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    • Franck
    • October 17, 2010


    I got the same issue, with formatting processes freezing at 18%, 94%, 98% an done 100%, but “Format faillure” message at the end.
    However, I formatted the disk with out issue with my PC…
    I tried to use the DNS tools from two differente machine one mac and one PC. I tried several internet explorer…
    no way, I’m now in the situation when I can’t format disk and use this device…
    i’m disappointed. One day of fitting with ot, reading all thread of discussion on the suject without result,no solution run in my case…
    Hope you’ll have better day then me if you buy it.

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