Motorola RAZR JPEG attack vulnerability

Found this on the SC website the other other day:

Hackers are able to send a corrupt JPEG image to a RAZR which would run malicious code if viewed, according to the ZDI advisory, released on Tuesday. Malicious code could force the RAZR to make unwanted calls or send unwanted messages, for example.

The flaw exists in the JPEG thumbprint component of the EXIF parser. EXIF, or Exchangable Image File format, is a set of tags that can be embedded in image files, which might include the location where the image was taken or the camera used to take it.

When the user tries to view the image, a memory corruption is caused and malicious code can be run on the phone.

A firmware update has been released from Motorola to patch the vulnerability.

To read more about this vulnerability, go here.

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