Outlook 2007 email to Windows Live Mail easy guide


Here’s a pretty easy guide to move your Outlook 2003/2007 email to Windows live mail (found in windows 7). As a background, I found plenty of guides for Outlook Express (which is actually easier) but very little for Outlook.

Why did I want to do this? A friend bought a new laptop which had a trial version of Outlook 2007 – Once the trial had run out, they had to move to something else, and WLM is only found on Windows 7. Outlook Express is no more.

Let’s start …..


Note: I did all of the below on my friend’s PC while Outlook was still installed. Once I had imported all my email into WLM, I then uninstalled Outlook.



* Download a program called Mailstore from here. This free program (for home use) is for archiving of mail, but also is perfect for achieving what we want to do.

* Run Mailstore. The first thing you need to run the archive process. Follow your nose and (obviously) select Outlook as your email program. Here is a screenshot of the archive window:

Mailstore archive
* You will now need to export your email into a format that WLM will recognise:

Mailstore Export
With the options for Export, select “file system” and the message format will be “EML”:

Mailstore Export Options
Browse to any folder on your hard drive or thumb drive and kick off the process.

* OK, Now you are ready to import into WLM. From the File menu, select import>messages and then select the ‘Windows mail’ format. Browse to your folder where you exported all the mail and start importing.

Once finished you should be ready to go!

When I did the above on an another PC, I got a message to say that there was no files in the folder or another program has locked the folders. When i worked out which ones had not been imported, I just click and dragged them over to my WLM inbox from Window Explorer. End result still the same.

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58 Responses to “Outlook 2007 email to Windows Live Mail easy guide”

  1. Alex says:

    Thanking you very much! Took me a long time to find this page but it was worth it. Very good instructions!

  2. john brown says:

    Thanks for this. I was really struggling.For a novice like me it still wasn’t easy but I got there in the end. Much appreciated

  3. Shalabh Jhalawad says:


    Can you help me with shifting my mail account settings from Outlook 2007 to Windows Live Mail 2011

  4. Ale says:

    Hi indi..

    after having spent the entire day on this, I am about to give up definetely.. I let you imagine how I feel..
    So, you have been my first resource at the beginning, you are really my last one now.

    These are the coordinates:
    – No Outlook on my machine
    – An old folder containing a .pst comprehensive file
    – A trial of a PstViewer installed and working for the next 15 days (I got my emails..), in theory, it allows passing by the old .pst Outlook-related to a store of .msg corresponding files
    – the MailStore program already running (which actually I am not sure I have understood thoroughly..), in theory to arrive to EML LiveMail-supported format and finally land on LiveMail itself

    Something doesn’t work, I feel I collapsed at the very last meter..

    I stand here (as quite an expert in the end,) to provide every further useful detail.. just if you’ll give a sign…


  5. indi says:

    @Shalabh – Hi, I don’t have spare time I’m sorry, but if you follow the guide here it should work.

    @Ale – Thanks for your message and sorry to hear it has been a struggle.
    The purpose of using mailstore is to grab your PST file and convert it to to a format that WLM can read. After that it can then be removed.
    So, you got your emails in the end?

  6. Ale says:

    Hi indi, thank you for your sympathy..
    “Direct PST file archiving is not available in MailStore. PST file archiving is a feature of MailStore Server, the e-mail archiving software for commercial use. To learn more about bla bla bla…”
    This was the problem.
    News: I overcame it with friendly support, actually using Linux to get MBOX messages from the original PST file.
    Then MailStore converted it in EML messages.
    Or, at least that should have been done.
    So, why doesn’t damn LiveMail recognise them..?!

    I will be forced to buy PSTViewer Pro in the end.. as freewares like SysTools Outlook PST Viewer don’t make a good job in organising my files..
    So sad..

  7. Ale says:

    ..And indi, you deserves full details. The message is “impossible to find any message or files could be used by another application..”
    I swear, any app or program is running..

  8. Ale says:

    Got it!
    For better for worse..

  9. CMc0 says:

    Thanks, I was just about to give up, this worked very well.

  10. Leppy says:

    Thanks, your instructions were a big help especially the one about dragging the messages into WLM. The import function did not work for me. I’m using Windows 7 and Outlook 2010(trial version).

  11. Thomas says:

    Thanks–this worked perfectly for me. I was transferring from Outlook 2007 on an old computer to Windows Live Mail on a new computer. I got the message “no files or another program had locked . . .” So I closed the window of the USB drive and there were my messages in WLM in an “Imported files” folder. All I had to do was drag and drop them from there into my WLM folders. Saved me tons of time, thanks!

  12. Jiten says:

    Thank you very much for such valuable post.

    Though both the products are from Microsoft no import export feature. I really disppointed with microsoft product. Microsoft could have uploaded such tools for their product.

    Thank you again.

  13. marie says:

    I was shocked that my outlook file couldn’t be imported into windows live mail..thank you very much! I now have my emails and folders back.

  14. Maxim says:

    Thanks for your link to
    But because this particular target URL will expire for technical reasons it would be great if you could change it to:

    Thanks a lot,

  15. indi says:

    @Maxim, done as requested.

  16. Paul says:

    I have tried using mailstore to get my outlook emails however everytime i go through archive it advises it has completed with errors.

    Not sure what to do next.


  17. Tammy says:

    Understand all instructions up until you are ready to import into WLM. Please let me know where you are finding “FILE”, import mail in WLM? Using IE 8. My drop down IE 8 “file” menu does not offer this option, where in WLM are you finding a “file” option with an import, mail option? Thank you!

  18. Tammy says:

    I found the answer to my own question. In the desktop version of WLM, click on “show menu bar” from the menu icon located on the right hand top area of WLM. You can then see the “FILE” option. Thank you.

  19. Harikrishnan A says:

    Thanks alot .. works excellent.. saved a weeks time
    of mine from getting wasted.. !!!

    Had to move mails in WLM after importing..



  20. Don says:

    This is exactly what I needed for
    getting email messages stored in an Outlook pst file into Windows Live Mail.


  21. Gary80 says:

    You are a life saver, shamefuk thing is Microsoft doesn’t know what to do

  22. Elstevio says:

    You saved my life.
    Took about 6 hours to archive.45,000 items!!
    It’s all there now in WLM

    Thank you so much

  23. Dale says:

    This worked like a charm for a backed up copy of old Outlook files after my computer crashed 3 months ago. MS could not help me even after I bought Norton 360 to reopen the files and downloaded a copy of Outlook 2010. MS was clueless and hard to work with!!! The Norton guy got the files to open up this morning and your directions got them into WLM. Thanks a ton.

  24. jo says:

    This doesn’t work if all you have is a PST file. MailStore Home does not allow you to import a PST file in the free version – surprise surprise.

  25. Cas Radford says:

    Best information there is to get info out of Outlook and into Windows Live Mail. Mine are on different machines so I had to copy the archives to another laptop but all went well.
    Now all I need is a better explanation of the setup within WLM!

  26. Please let me know this windows outllok can work on my hand set ” Samsung Galaxy Fit 5670 ”

    Hope your early reply on my enquiry.

  27. indi says:

    @Cas – yeah WLM can be a bit daunting. I personally don’t like it, but may put a basic guide up if I have some time to write it.
    @Ceecee – Not sure, sorry. Haven’t got access to one of those handsets to try it.

  28. Pamela says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had managed to do this 6 months ago, in a different (harder) way, but I totally forgot! Now I found your post and everthing went downhill… great contibution

  29. Stu Kopelman says:

    Created Exported EML file from Outlook 2010. Going to File/ Import…it only gives me three options in Live Mail: Feeds, Cookies, and Favorites. I had hoped to import the Inbox, but does not offer this.

  30. JPC says:

    There is a much easier way (if you still have Outlook available).
    – Add your Windows Live email account to Outlook.
    – Open a folder from your Outlook account (e.g. your inbox)
    – Ctrl+A to select all email
    – Ctrl+C (to copy) or Ctrl+X (to cut)
    – Open the folder in your Windows Live Mail account where it needs to go
    – Ctrl+P to paste all email in that folder.
    – All email is now uploaded to Windows Live Mail (will take some time). Do this with all email folders that need to be migrated.

    You can do the same thing with your calendar items and your contacts. For contacts, be aware that Outlook has much more fields to store information then Windows Live Contacts and some fields that are available in both systems don’t match.

  31. Kamal says:

    Simply great!

    Thank you indeed indi!

  32. Kamal says:


    Ctrl+P option is not working for pasting in WLM. How do you do it?

  33. Serge Soucy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  34. Bobbert says:

    The next step is to log WLM into Gmail via IMAP connection (enable this in Gmail’s settings on the website) and then drag/drop the exported emails into the proper folder!

  35. Matt says:

    This thread is really great, thanks…

    When migrating from outlook on one machine to WLM on another, I presume mailstore has to be installed on both machines, but the file containing all the outlook details C:\MailArchive needs to be copied from the old machine to the new machine. Then all the details need to be sucked up into WLM?

    Once complete can mailstore be removed (presume it can as it is a 30 day license)


  36. John W says:

    I have had to purchase a new PC to replace my old 2004 model. The new one has WLM while the old one has MS Outlook. I have scanned the info above but am still not sure how to proceed. the last blog entry asks a question that is relevant to mine. Would appreciate any advice. Cheers.

  37. indi says:

    Yes, if you are moving the mail from one PC to another, then mailstore would have to be installed on both – one to do the exporting, and also on the new computer to do the importing.
    To eliminate any confusion at the export stage, it may be best to create a folder and export your mail to there. Then copy that whole folder over to the new computer.
    I should add that if you find the product useful (it does much more), support the authors and purchase the full product.

  38. Michael Hvidberg says:

    – Yer information could easily be nominated for a nobel-price! – i havent gathered all my Emails from Outlook 2010 to Windows Live Mail without yer fabilous help.
    Thanks for yer great site

    Kindly regards:
    Michael Hvidberg , Rørvig , Denmark

  39. indi says:

    Thanks Michael. Glad it all worked out for you.

  40. Venkat says:

    Thanks . That worked well and not much of a struggle either. The instructions were good and I guess problems faced may be becasue of not following them totally.

  41. peter says:

    free mailstore doesnt allow to export in the free home version, Im just have the .pst , w7 64bit.
    WLM should import .eml

    but since when mailstore change that option?

  42. Ian says:

    How long since you last checked what Mailstore features were offered in the home version? I run this on my parents laptop and the outlook 2007 on vista does not get discovered by it. Nice idea, let down by 3rd party tools.

  43. indi says:

    @Peter and @Ian,
    The original article was written over two years and I must admit I haven’t used it for quite some time.
    Previous comments in the last couple of months suggest that it may still work.
    Perhaps other readers could leave some thoughts/comments also?

  44. “Outlook 2007 email to Windows Live Mail easy guide | Look for IT over here”
    was in fact a great blog. In case it included much more images this
    should be quite possibly far better. Thank u

  45. If you looking for a tool to export emails from EML to Outlook PST and never found any solution, so you can use this Windows live mail to Outlook Converter tool from this website

  46. Rob says:

    Hi, this still works – I just transferred over 1000 emails from Outlook 2003 to Windows Live Mail via Mailstore with no problems. Great advice. Thanks.

  47. […] Short answer is you can't, you need to use another 3rd party program like Mailstore to do it see this article here> Outlook 2007 email to Windows Live Mail easy guide | Look for IT over here […]

  48. len says:

    I am failing on the import step – all looks good import runs and says it imported all the items in windows mail format byt nothing shows up. there is an imported folder listed in the storage folders but it is empty… anyone got any ideas

  49. Terri says:

    This was excellent! Worked!

  50. Terri says:

    Excellent! Worked!

  51. Does this solution work on Office/Outlook 2013?


  52. Leigh says:

    Not sure. Haven’t tried it on Office 2013. If you do try it, and it works, please repost back here.

  53. Gwynne says:

    Thank you so much. Just used it to transfer Outlook 2007 folders from old XP laptop onto new Windows 8 laptop after setting up Windows Live Mail. It took a long time but every step of the way went as per your instructions. At the end I couldn’t find it in WLM but encouraged by other people’s comments as well as yours, I hunted around and found that if I clicked on storage folder (under View in WLM) the items in ‘Imported folder’ were revealed. Hooray!

  54. Raghuveer Singh says:

    Thanking you very much! After a long time find this help and convert PST to ELM. Very good instructions!

    Thank You So Much Once Again

  55. Simon says:

    Thank you for this great advice!
    This enabled me to export all my emails from Outlook 200 on an XP machine to Live Mail in Windows 8.1.

  56. Simon says:

    Thank you for this great advice!
    This enabled me to export all my emails from Outlook 2000 on an XP machine to Live Mail in Windows 8.1.

  57. a says:

    whoah this weblog is magnificent i love reading your posts.
    Stay up the good work! You recognize, lots of persons
    are hunting round for this information, you could aid them

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